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La saga dei Cloni – Parte 1

The saga of the Clones – Part 1

(Comment): A queen is ALMOST nothing without her subjects! A bastard kiss to all and continue to read my (and fattybear) adventures…
Kuma: Well, you have been ALMOST kind your own way. It’s incredible!
Neko: It is! She’s merely my ALMOST good clone: I use her for public relations!
Neko: I said to you to add a death threat in the end!
Clone: I do it immediately, my Princess!
(Comment): … or I’ll kill you all.

Oggi sono in ritardo, per cui vi beccate il work in progress.
Today I am late, so you get the work in progress.

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… dalla mente di Haku e dalla mano di Arioch!

La saga dei Cloni – Parte 1 (Reloaded)

The saga of the Clones – Part 1 (Reloaded)

La saga dei Cloni – Parte 2: Il senso della Vita

The saga of the Clones – Part 2: The meaning of Life

Kuma: This business of the clone is very strange! I thought you like to be unique and irreplaceable!
Neko: I am unique and irreplaceable!
Kuma: Really? And her?
Neko: Who? Ah, you’re talking about her!
Clone: Who am I? What’s the meaning of Life?
Neko: Disposable! You know, after a while they start to ask themself too much existential doubts!