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Kuma: This DVD is really cool!
Neko: Why don’t you download it like everyone?
Kuma: I like to have the original one! At least I download some rare movies like this norwegian one with english subtitles!
Neko: So boring!
Kuma: Pardon?
Neko: Nothing!
Woman: Ohh, yesss! Again! Tell me I am your little bear!
Kuma: Ehm… there is always someone who changes filenames!
Neko: Sure, everyone says that!

La saga dei Cloni – Parte 6: E Clone fu!

The saga of the Clones – Part 6: And there was Clone.

Kuma: You know? There’s a question everybody ask!
Neko: How can I be so bastard?
Kuma: Apart from that!
Neko: Oh!
Kuma: How do you make clones?
Neko: Photoshop!
Kuma: Photoshop?
Neko: Clone stamp! It’s like drug: if you begin, you can’t stop!

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