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Cosplay Zaknafein Paperino Orso Ciccione

Kuma: No, wait, Losco! If the problem is that I am dressed like your client, we can solve it!
Kuma: Look! I take off the costume: my readers don’t like it anyway!
Kuma: So, is it all ok now?
Losco Figuro: Not yet!
Zak: Ehi, is the cosplay here?

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Se non li conoscete, potete scoprire qui e qui chi sono gli inquietanti Teletubbies.

Kuma: Fortunately, no one was injured in this costume affair!
Neko: Who are they shooting at?
Kuma: At Zak!
Neko: Ah, ok!
Kuma: However, I think I will wear my old dear fur again!
Neko: Wait! I have here a summer costume which seems designed for you!
Neko: What do you think?
Kuma: Well, I don’t want to hurt you… but if there is someone I can’t bear…

Battesimo di fuoco


Auguri comunque al bellissimo nuovo arrivato Stefano Francesco e agli orgogliosi genitori!

Neko: Ehi, fatty! You did it again! Why didn’t you draw my new strip?
Kuma: Oh, yes, well… you know, I am here for a baptism…
(voice): Hurrah for Stefano!
Losco Figuro: If you don’t want to go to a funeral too, it’s better you come back to work, Mr. Bear!