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Questione d’immagine

Questione d'immagine

Kuma: Don’t you ever be ashamed of your dirty business?
Losco Figuro *: Sure! I am not really what I seem: it’s because of a difficult childhood and a troubled youth!
Losco Figuro *: Every night I am alone with myself and I pay dearly for my wicked crimes!
Kuma: Oooh, really?
Losco Figuro *: No. But give humanity to my character give him degree of popularity! nothing escapes marketing laws, mister fatty!
* Losco Figuro = Shady Customer



La vignetta arriva un po’ in ritardo e in bianco e nero… ma ho dovuto nascondermi dal Losco Figuro. Il colore arriverà; ora torno a disegnare la vignetta per domani.

Papaveri e papere

Orso Ciccione Paperino

Losco Figuro: Mister Duck? Donald Duck?
Kuma: Eh?! No, Mister Losco! I’m Kuma, the Fatty Bear, don’t you recognize me?
Kuma: I’m just dressed like Donald Duck, but to tell the truth I’m…
Losco Figuro: … an impostor, I know! That’s the reason why my client wants to eliminate you, Mister Bear!
Kuma: Wait! Are you saying Donald Duck…
Losco Figuro: This would be work for Granma Duck, but you know… If I can do a favour to that sweet little old lady…