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Concerti di piazza

Concerto Modena City Ramblers

Neko: I can’t see the singer very well!
Kuma: Don’t tell me! I have this one dancing in front of me!
Haku: Do you want to come here behind these drunk idiots?
Giulia: Oh, come on! You always grumbling for something!

Senza parole

Senza parole

Neko: So you catched flu!
Kuma: And I also have this annoying cough! Coff! Coff!|
Neko: Oh, my God! And you are also losing your voice!
Kuma: Yes!
Giulia: Terrible! Whole days without hearing him speaking!
Neko: Yeah! I don’t know if we can survive to that!

La saga dei Cloni – Parte 21: Dart Bär

La saga dei Cloni - Parte 21: Dart Bàr

La saga dei Cloni - Parte 21: Dart BàrEd ecco il disegno che mi ha mandato il mitico Zak,
facendomi decidere definitivamente su chi avrebbe vestito il ruolo di Darth Vader.

Aggiornamento: non poteva mancare la colonna sonora!


Saga of the Clones – Part 21: Dart Bär

Giulia: Don’t you think you gone too far with the bear?
Neko: Nooo! Don’t you know? In comic books no one die for real!
Giulia: And who said that?
Neko: I don’t know, but so it seems!
Neko: And as a matter of fact, some glue and sticky tape were enough and he’s like new!
Darth Bàr: Ssssh… sssh… did anybody see my ventolin?